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For those who are fortunate enough to have family memories stored on 16mm and 8mm film, you should take immediate steps to preserve them to new media. Even though film is still our highest quality medium, through the passage of time it gets brittle, grainy and just about un-viewable.

To complicate matters, the technology required to view home movies has almost gone the way of the horse-drawn carriage. Most light-bulb manufacturers are discontinuing projector bulbs and there soon will come a day when the highest and best use for a roll of film will be as kindling. It's best to preserve them now for future generations.

We will lovingly take your film and transfer it to DVD. Our in-house process assures the best digital reproduction available today. We charge $10.00 per 50-foot reel to capture your film plus a $35.00 fee to author a Standard Definition DVD.

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